ADDA Daily



World’s first Android App based Literary magazine published daily in Bengali. Widely acclaimed by the bengalees around the globe. We more than 2500 downloads from 20 countries and more than 175 issues ADDA DAILY is growing rapidly.

Adda Daily is a Bengali daily Android App magazine published in the Kolkata,India for the Bengalis all over the world, especially targeting first generation and second generation Bengalis currently living all over the World, along with Bengalis in Bangladesh and India.

ADDA aims to connect all the bengali speaking literature loving people around the globe. Adda provides a source for all Bengalis away from home to be able to stay up to date on what is happening in their motherland. ADDA helps keep Bengalis all over the world informed about the world around them. The journey began with hope that, it would provide a bridge for Bengalis away from home, and to help guide first and second generation Bengalis abroad.

Join us in ADDA and spread your literary work globally through ADDA daily app magazine. Mail us your work anytime at ADDA.DAILY@GMAIL.COM